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Any chance of getting a batch feature to convert an entire folder of images and export them all at once?

Unfortunately, I have no plans for now.

In the latest version, the export function itself is gone. I remember that it was because the library I was using at the beginning couldn't be used after Processing2.

Rather than waiting, it would be more realistic to do it yourself using standard OS automation tools.

For now, I just remember that you have a request.

Too bad about the Mac version - would love to be able to turn my artist's moniker into a 3D model easily!

If Apple gives us all the development environment for free, we may be able to handle it... :)

did apple come through?

Ah, previous my comment is a kind of joke...   Apple don't gift their special hardware to app developers.  They always demand a lot of money to the developers of the applications.  (So fewer apps for Mac)

xtools is neat, but $150 to get an app onto a physical iphone definitely causes one to move on to other platforms