Mac is not supported officially

We have received a report that the Mac beta version shows a corrupted file when the app is run. The reason why the Mac beta version did not start was due to the Mac OS function that makes it impossible to run apps downloaded from the Internet for security reasons.

This feature is very strict, costly to solve, and due to various factors, we have decided not to officially support Mac OS at now.

However, some users want the Mac version, so we will publish it as a beta app unofficially and without guarantee of operation. It requires special operation and trust in the app to start.

The method is described in the readme, Reprinted below.


1. Start the terminal and execute the following command to the folder created by extracting the zip. You will need to rewrite the file path to your own.

  ( This is to remove the information that the file is downloaded from the Internet. And it's avoid the inability to start due to security.  Please judge whether you can trust this application by yourself. )

   xattr -cr ~/Downloads/LovelyComposer_1.2.4_Mac_Beta/

2. Launch the app depending on your OS.

   macOS 11 or higher:

     - Run “macOS/”. 

   macOS 10.11 - 10.15 (OSX):

     - Run “macOS_10.x/”.


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It's not corrupted, you can get around it by right clicking, open. It's a very common issue with people downloading stuff here for the mac and not using Apple's own proprietary app store. They're trying to force people to use that, so they get a cut of

Here's an easier instruction-

Mac users are used to this, so you can still say you support mac. I know, I am one, and most mac apps not download on the Apple App store will say this.

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It was helpful advise, thank you!

But now in my app and development environment, for macOS 10.x version, I can do it by right-clicking and opening as you mentioned. However, for recent macOS version apps that many users will use, opening from right-click shows as broken.

I don't know why the new version for mac works if I unlock it in the terminal, but I can't open it by right-clicking, it can be a subtle issue that takes time to resolve.

If both can be easily opened from right-click, It may be permissible to write that it support.

This is a problem with all mac games and apps not sold in apple's app store, though, so it's not just you. I think it's fair to say you support mac with that caveat. Most games here that say they support Mac also have the exact same issue.