1.2.5 released! - Fit to the screen

In this version, a new system setting function has been added, and a setting that allows the screen to be stretched to fill the window (aspect ratio is fixed) has also been added.

But it has undesirable side-effects, Pixels are often displayed with rattling when magnified by a non-integer multiple. In that case, enabling linear interpolation(Lerp) will blur the pixels, but eliminate the rattling. (It is also fun to think of it as an analog filter for CRT simulation.)

This stretch window setting is enabled by default. If the pixel perfect display is good as before, change the display setting from the system setting to "Pix.P".

Also now can be used up to 100 songs by folder. And the song list display function has been added. (You can click the song number display part to display it)

List of changes

  • Added the system setting tool (Top right of the screen)
  • Supports non-integer multiple enlargement display and linear interpolation display on the screen
  • The maximum number of songs for each folder has been increased up to 100 songs from 32 songs.
  • Added the song list window (Display by click the song number display)


LovelyComposer_1.2.5_Windows 108 MB
May 18, 2022
LovelyComposer_1.2.5_Linux 58 MB
May 18, 2022

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