1.2.6 released! - Data folder moved

Important Notices

The most important change in version 1.2.6 is that the default location of song data has been changed from directly under the program folder to the LovelyComposer folder under the user document folder.

It's to facilitate program version upgrades for users. Previously, it was necessary to migrate song data each time the program was upgraded. After this version, you should only have to download the new program.

However, to inherit your song data from ver.1.2.5 or older, it requires manual operation only once. So if you need, please follow the steps below. (Make a backup of your song files before proceeding.)

  1. At first, please boot new version of Lovely Composer app. The "LovelyComposer" data folder will be automatically created under your User Documents folder when the first time boot. (ex. C:/Users/user_name/Documents/ or /home/user_name/Documents/ or /home/user_name/ ).
  2. When the startup is complete, please close Lovely Composer app.
  3. Please overwrite the "music" folder and "app_settings.json"  file in the "LovelyComposer" folder under the user documents with your "music" folder and "app_settings.json" file. (From under the program folder of the previous version LovelyComposer. )

*If you still want to place the data under the program folder as before, it is possible to do so in the settings. (Explanation in preparation)

Other features

  • You can now open the manual directly from the application with the F1 and F2 keys. The manual has also been corrected to be easier to read :)
  • Added a function to input continuous copy of notes in the selected range by pressing Ctrl + D.

List of changes


  • Added help function: F1 key to open the display screen instructions, F2 key to open the user guide
  • Added a function to input continuous copy of notes in the selected range by pressing Ctrl + D
  • Added function to display the name of the currently selected scale and its component notes in text (when mouse cursor is placed on the scale key operation button)
  • App now remember the song that was open when the app was closed last time. (  When the app started, the song will open.)
  • Added function limitation processing, etc. for making the new trial version


  • Changed default location of song data, etc. to LovelyComposer folder under user document folder (to simplify version upgrade)
  • When using the eraser tool, pressing the tone icon in the tone selection tool always switches to the pen tool.


  • Fixed a problem that the maximum number of folders on the folder selection window was the number of chord patterns
  • Fixed the problem that the USER_SFX folder was not set to the default settings for sound effects after song number 32.


LovelyComposer_1.2.6_Windows 105 MB
Jul 20, 2022
LovelyComposer_1.2.6_Linux 73 MB
Jul 20, 2022

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