1.3.0-alpha released!

This is the alpha version of the major release after a long time! There are major changes related to sound creation, such as note extension lines and new tones. Since this is a very experimental release aimed at improving the software, we would like active bug reports. And general users who want stable operation should wait until the official release of ver.1.3.0.

Unlike the official version, it does not edit the data in the user's document folder. (It edit the song data in the program folder.) The Linux version will be released tomorrow.

New elements in ver.1.3.0 alpha

  • Extension line ... You can easily extend notes that could not be extended simply until now, such as piano-like tones. Comes with an envelope. Some tones, such as kicks, sound a little different than before. And only in the case of glide tone, the pitch of the line can be freely changed.
  • 13 new tones ... a total of 13 types including tilted triangular waves, phaser triangular waves, organ-like waveforms and their variations
  • 88-keys same as piano ... The key range has expanded a little (+1 treble, +3 bass) .
  • More dance animations ... quality is imperfect now
  • Score area (and screen size) is slightly larger ... Notes volume and pan values are displayed without covering notes.

Notice and known issues

  • The operation test has not been sufficiently performed. Also, the operation will be a little slower than before because of under-optimized (especially for songs with many pages)
  • Fade-out does not work well when using the fade-out extension line in the glide tone. (This is because the fade-out extension line is realized by switching the effect on the waveform to fade-out)
  • Some waveforms, such as square waves, may sound slightly out of tune at the highest note.
  • There may be popping noise during editing phaser waveforms.
  • Requests received from users in the last 1-2 months have not been implemented yet. 


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