Dungeon Witches ver.1.1 Released!

Dungeon Witches ver.1.1.0  Officially released!

This new major version was rewritten in Pyxel in full scratch over 3 months.

The current content is basically a port and a reproduction. However, there are partial changes and improvements.

・Newly redrawn graphics of witches at 1x resolution

・Revival of production lost due to capacity limitation of Pico8

・ Change of "Push home" effect and other and production

・ Boss witches melee attack power adjustment

・ Changes to the pause menu.

・One key Save & Load (F1 / F2 key)

・ Renewal of sound engine

・ Made Japanese fonts easier to read

Also It will be easier to make other improvements. We are also thinking about developing the next work based on this.

1.1.0 is now compatible with Windows / Mac / Linux.

If you have any problems with the operation, please feel free to contact us and cooperate. We look forward to!

Also, of cource Pico-8 version ver.1.0 will continue to be available for download!

We are also holding an update commemorative sale right now! If you don't have it, don't miss it ❕

「ダンジョンウィッチーズ ver.1.1.0 正式リリース!」








・ワンキーセーブ&ロード(F1 / F2キー)の機能、




ver.1.1.0はWindows / Mac / Linuxと互換性があります。





DungeonWitches1.1.0 Windows (Pyxel ver.) 41 MB
Nov 18, 2020
DungeonWitches1.1.0 Linux (Pyxel ver.) 29 MB
Nov 18, 2020
DungeonWitches1.1.0 Mac (Pyxel ver.) 31 MB
Nov 18, 2020

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