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"Dungeon Witches" is a tiny 8bit Rogue-lite RPG of the cute girls with magic of the "Home" !

「ダンジョンウィッチーズ」は、家を召喚する魔法に目覚めた少女の、小さくてかわいいローグ "ライト" な8bitダンジョン探索RPGです!

Language:  English and Japanese (英語と日本語表示に対応)

Support OS: Windows / Mac / Linux / Rasberry Pi (Apps & HTML5)

Dev Tool: pico-8 (pico8)


Elle and Erity are twins who love being at home. But last night suddenly, Erity went to the dangerous dungeon alone!

The Dungeon was made by the Wizard of Legend, and now bad witches live in...

Elle can't leave her home because of fear. But the next day, Elle awakens the magic of "Home"! And Elle chased after Erity to save her, with the help of the home!


You can learn the magic of Summon Home, Rest in Home, Push home, Kick Home, Warp to Home, and so on!

You use your "Home's magic" to defeat the cute witches and familiars in the magical dungeon, to help your sister.


  • A simple and speedy turn-based battle. In addition, the magic of the home can be used to create unique tactics.
  • The play time of the main part will be about 1.5-2 hours. You can enjoy one story and dungeon in a short time. (There is Bonus map with the same area size as the main story.)
  • This game was made by under the limitation of the 8bit-like console that called Pico-8. (Using 1 Pico-8 cartridge capacity for graphics, sounds and maps. Except text data and bonus map.)
  • Clearing will give you more play options, but from the beginning you'll be free to choose your start point of play and sound test.
  • From the development version, we have improved system, translation, and other elements. And we have added true endings, and bonus maps!

Introduction article

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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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Development log


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Game won't run, says it "Refused to connect"

I don't know the error, but I thought it perhaps any network problem between itch.io and you, so I uploaded this game to my web server, may you try to access below URL. 


This game's HTML is about 2MB data size, so the loading time may be a bit long.

Game runs if I click the Link, itch.io has been having issues with HTML 5 and flash playing

Wow! This is a super complex and cute game! How many hours have you been programming it?

(1 edit) (+1)

Thank you for your comment!

But I didn't count the time... I can say that the below things.

  • I bought pico-8 on 2019/1/25, and soon start making this game.
  • Development was suspended for about 5 months
  • The activities after March 2019 are roughly as shown in the image.

I did first try to make a small game as much as possible. But it's became bigger and bigger. haha...

It shows! I got to a  part where the enemy was super strong (more than 50% hit) and lost motivation. The game is a little overwhelming for my personal taste so I don't think I will play it again, but you are very talented! Congrats!

(1 edit)

I'm glad to read to your comment!

I started making this game over a year ago. It was born from the feeling of a person who loves staying at home even in normal times.

I understood from several comment that my game is difficult. Because of strength of enemy, way of control are difficult to understand. I has an idea to improve to this problem and I will try.

And translation problem annoy my head.  This is the limit of my current English ability (in spite of Google Translation is already used,  and I have one collaborator's advice), so I have to get someone's help or more good translation tool, more study English  ...? I think that I want to anyway improvement.


This game is really cool! I'm so glad I found it. I was drawn to it mainly because of the artwork. All the characters look super adorable and the environments are really breathtaking. You say the game isn't finished, but it's really fully featured, with cutscenes and boss fights and even a save feature! Using a magic, portable house as a shield to recover your energy is a fun idea. Was this inspired by the coronavirus outbreak?

Seriously though, I have no idea how to make the PICO-8 do even half the things you managed here. Really impressive.

It's not without its faults however. Whilst I'm very thankful that you tried to include an option to play the game in English, the translation is very lacklustre. There are numerous grammatical errors, and a lot of dialogue gets mixed up to the point where I got a little confused over what is being said. This prevented me from understanding the controls properly, but I eventually figured it out.

It's also a little too difficult. Enemies hit really hard; they're impossible to predict and I over-relied on the house to the point I soft-locked the game on account of not knowing how to repair it.

But when I'd gotten used to the controls and figured out what I was supposed to do, I was blown away! It feels really good to move around the grid and smack into things; watching hordes of enemies have their attacks foiled as I sat indoors soaking in a nice warm bath was a kind of satisfaction I'm not sure I've felt in a game before.

Please keep working on it! I've included a machine translation of my comment into Japanese, if that helps at all.