1.2.7 released - Fix

This version is a maintenance update. For privacy reasons, we also include a change to avoid displaying the user account name in the title bar.

If you are already using ver.1.2.6, you can update easily without moving song data. If you are updating from 1.2.5 or earlier, please refer to the note here about moving song data!

  • Fixed a bug that the app may crash when sound previewing with the key number changed in the chord pattern tool.
  • Changed not to display the file path of the open song folder in the title bar.
  • Added a function to display the folder path by clicking the current folder name display on the upper right of the screen.


LovelyComposer 1.2.7 Windows 105 MB
Sep 05, 2022
LovelyComposer 1.2.7 Linux 73 MB
Sep 05, 2022

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